14 March 2017

Researchers receive 20 million kr. to smuggle medicine past the blood brain barrier


Associate Professor Birger Brodin, Department of Pharmacy, is part of a research team which is awarded DKK 20 million from the Lundbeck Foundation.

The Lundbeck Foundation awards further DKK 20 million to the research initiative on Brain Barriers and Drug Delivery for the continued development of new strategies to deliver large drug molecules to the diseased brain.

Associate Professor Birger Brodin from Section of Pharmaceutical Design and Drug Delivery at Department of Pharmacy is part of the research team comprising researchers from UCPH, the Technical University of Denmark, Aarhus University and Aalborg University.

The first grant of DKK 40 million was installed in 2014 and the group has reported promising results already after two years of work, which has lead The Lundbeck Foundation to grant the new funding.

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