1 April 2016

Professor at Department of Pharmacy awarded for exceptional work


Professor Jukka Rantanen at Department of Pharmacy is personally awarded for outstanding research achievements in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Every second year the International Association of Pharmaceutical Technology (APV) grants a personal award to a European researcher not older than 45 years as an appreciation of outstanding research achievements in the Pharmaceutical Sciences.

This year the APV prize is awarded to Professor Jukka Rantanen at the Department of Pharmacy.

APV honours Jukka Rantanen for his contribution to application of process analytical technologies for improved process understanding of pharmaceutical unit operations.

Jukka Rantanen works with process spectroscopy with crystallization and downstream processing of pharmaceuticals with a special focus on solid state properties of pharmaceuticals.  

The awards ceremony will take place at the 10th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology in Glasgow in the period 4-7 April 2016.