Social and Clinical Pharmacy

Employees at the Department

Employees at the Department

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Anna Birna Almarsdóttir Professor +45 353-33715 E-mail
Charlotte Vermehren Associate professor +45 353-26402 E-mail
Ebba Holme Hansen Professor emerita   E-mail
Helle Wallach Kildemoes Affiliate Associate Professor +45 25 67 10 59 E-mail
Johanne Mølby Hansen Research assistant   E-mail
Joo Hanne Poulsen PhD fellow   E-mail
Laura Victoria Jedig Lech PhD fellow +45 353-28144 E-mail
Lotte Stig Nørgaard Associate professor +45 353-36101 E-mail
Louise Christine Druedahl PhD fellow +45 353-37424 E-mail
Lourdes Cantarero Arevalo Associate professor +45 353-36350 E-mail
Maria Bakshinskayte Research assistant   E-mail
Mette Holmquist Pharmaconomist +45 353-36496 E-mail
Netta Beer Postdoc +45 353-30042 E-mail
Ramune Jacobsen Assistant professor +45 353-34813 E-mail
Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong Associate professor +45 353-20009 E-mail
Susanne Kaae Associate professor +45 353-36273 E-mail