Physiological Pharmaceutics

Employees at the Department

Employees at the Department

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Anette MüllertzProfessor +45 353-36440E-mail
Christine Kopka HeerupVisiting Researcher +45 353-32606E-mail
Christine Kopka Heerup  E-mail
Daniel Bar-ShalomAssociate professor +45 353-36351E-mail
Jacob Rune JørgensenPhD fellow +45 353-34727E-mail
Jette JacobsenAssociate professor +45 353-36299E-mail
Jingying Liu  E-mail
Katherine Claire TaylorStudent +45 353-34965E-mail
Laila Tognarelli HansenLaboratory technician  E-mail
Lina GruzinskytePhD fellow +45 353-26421E-mail
Maja Nørgaard KristensenPhD fellow  E-mail
Maximilian KarlPhD fellow +45 353-36112E-mail
Mette Klitgaard JensenPhD Fellow +45 353-21270E-mail
Natashia LarsenPhD student +45 353-35259E-mail
Niklas Peter SeilundHolder of scholarship  E-mail
Nikolai Kristian Kiil-NielsenLaboratory technician  E-mail
Peter Ouma OkeyoPhD fellow +45 52 80 04 76E-mail
Ragna BerthelsenAssistant professor +45 353-36513E-mail
Scheyla Daniela Siqueira JørgensenPostdoc +45 353-21540E-mail
Sophie Susanna StrindbergPostdoc  E-mail
Tania Kjellerup LindAcademic Staff  E-mail
Venkatasubramanian RamakrishnanResearch assistant +45 353-37237E-mail
Xiaona LiuPhD Fellow, guest +45 91 80 95 17E-mail
Yang Hwan YunLaboratory technician +45 353-36375E-mail