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Employees at the Department

Employees at the Department

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Adam Bohr  E-mail
Anders Støttrup LarsenPostdoc +45 353-32928E-mail
Anders Østergaard MadsenAssociate professor  E-mail
Andrew BondAffiliate Professor  E-mail
Anne Linnet Skelbæk-Pedersen  E-mail
Barbora HrebikovaProject officer +45 353-31056E-mail
Cosima HirschbergPhD student +45 353-31975E-mail
Dorthe ØrbækLaboratory technician +45 353-36179E-mail
Heidi Elise ÖblomPhD Fellow, guest  E-mail
Johan Peter BøtkerAssistant professor +45 353-36286E-mail
Jukka RantanenProfessor +45 353-36585E-mail
Junwei Wang  E-mail
Jørn SonnergaardAssociate professor emeritus  E-mail
Lene JørgensenAssociate professor +45 353-36369E-mail
Mikkel HerzbergPhD fellow +45 51 33 09 39E-mail
Mingshi YangAssociate professor +45 353-36141E-mail
Natalja GeninaAssociate professor +45 353-37923E-mail
Natalja GeninaAssociate professor +45 353-37923E-mail
Pernille Kjærgaard Qwist +45 353-33038E-mail
Pernille Munk AndersenPharmaconomist +45 353-36077E-mail
Tonnie SkovhusPharmaconomist +45 353-36233E-mail
Yingya WangPhD fellow, external +45 93 88 83 31E-mail
Yongquan Li +45 353-34823E-mail