LEO Foundation Center for Cutaneous Drug Delivery

Employees at the Department

Employees at the Department

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Alma Akhmetova PhD fellow +45 353-26792 E-mail
Amalie Ribel-Madsen Postdoc +45 353-28031 E-mail
Andrea Heinz Associate professor +45 353-37783 E-mail
Dan Lundgren Nørgaard Laboratory technician +45 353-30368 E-mail
Jun Cai PhD fellow +45 353-36516 E-mail
Kathryn Browning Assistant professor, tenure track +45 353-32637 E-mail
Liv Sofia Elinor Damgaard PhD fellow +45 353-36310 E-mail
Mariena van der Plas Associate professor +45 353-32716 E-mail
Martin Malmsten Professor +45 353-34872 E-mail
Monica Agnoletti Postdoc +45 353-28068 E-mail