Hans Christian Cederberg Helms

Hans Christian Cederberg Helms

Assistant professor


• 01-12-2012 – 31/10-2013: Research Assistant at the Department of Pharmacy, The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

• 01-09-2009 – 31/8-2012: Ph.D. Student, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen – thesis submitted 31/8-2012, Title: Generation of a high resistance in vitro blood-brain barrier model and investigations of brain-to-blood glutamate efflux

• 01-02-2009 – 30-06-2009: Research Assistant at The Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry, The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen


• 12-2012 Ph.D. (pharm) In vitro models of the blood-brain barrier and glutamate transporters at the blood-brain barrier

• 12-2010 Laboratory Animal Science – FELASA cat. C

• 02-2009 M.Sc. in Pharmacy from The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. Title of Masters Thesis: “The Establishment and Characterization of an In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Co-culture Model”

• 03/04-2008 Communication in Science from Swift & Gelinde aps                                    

International Experience:

• 01-09-2011 – 29.02-2012: Guest Ph.D. Student in the lab of Dr. Ingolf Blasig, FMP- Leibniz Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie, Buch-Berlin, Germany. Working on tight junction proteins in the blood-brain barrier, expression and regulation during disease.

• 03/03-2008 – 31/08-2008 ERASMUS exchange in the lab of Dr. A.G. de Boer, The Blood-Brain Barrier Research Group, University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Working on isolation and culture of primary brain endothelial cells to create an in vitro blood-brain barrier model and liposome delivery across the blood-brain barrier.                                      

Research Competences:

More than 4 years of experience in working with primary cell cultures of the blood-brain barrier including brain capillary isolation techniques. Extensive experience in drug transporter characterization using transport and uptake studies with radioisotope labelled substrates, confocal microscopy and PCR/Western blotting. Experience in studying tight junction protein interactions in native and transfected tissue using confocal microscopy. Focused on glutamate transport at the blood-brain barrier and excitatory amino acid transporters for the last year. 


Speaker at 7 international conferences, amongst others Cerebral Vascular Biology, 2011 and Signal Transduction at the Blood-Brain Barrier, 2012. Poster presentation at 5 international conferences, amongst others the Gordon Reasearch Conferences, Barriers of the CNS, 2012 and Cerebral Vascular Biology, 2013.            

Awards and grants

• International Brain Barriers Society Young Researcher Award 2012 (dkr. 4500)

• Pharma Student Award 2009 (dkr. 10.000)

• Novo Nordisk/Novozymes sholarship 2008-2009 (dkr. 72.000)


Member of International Brain Barriers Society and Danish Society for Neuroscience. Referee for Plos One

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