Online course on patient perspectives on medicines

Medicines are one of the main tools of healthcare and they are given to patients by healthcare professionals to take as instructed. When patients and healthcare professionals appreciate each others perspectives and collaborate, the use of medicines is even better tailored to each patients’ needs and preferences, with significant improvements in health outcomes.

Therefore, all healthcare professionals and policy makers who can influence patients’ use of medicines, should understand and appreciate the patient perspective on medicines use. To help doing that, we offer two learning options:

  • Option 1. The fundamentals of the patient perspective on medicines use.

    4-week online course starting on September 28, 2020.
    Registration from September 14.

  • Option 2. The fundamentals of the use of interview methods to explore patients’ perspectives on medicines use.

    8 weeks online and blended learning course starting September 28, 2020, and including

        • 4 weeks online course starting  September 28, 2020;
        • 4 weeks advanced online course starting October 26, 2020;
        • 3-day online face-to-face webinar being held November 23, 25, and 27, 2020.

    Registration until September 21: send an e-mail titled “Patient perspectives online course” with your name to Johanne Mølby Hansen.

The learning will take 3 to 6 hours per week.

The teachers are researchers from the University of Copenhagen, University of Oslo, University of Groningen, and Trinity College Dublin.

For more information please check our website or contact the course coordinators Ramune Jacobsen and Johanne Mølby Hansen.
Both courses are free of charge. Optional course certificates are available from COURSERA and cost 49 USD.

The development of these courses is supported by EIT Health, a body of European Union.