9th Nordic Social Pharmacy and Health Services Research Conference 2019

​Introduction ​
Patient involvement in the use of medicines and new health technologies is experiencing a tremendous shift due, among other things, to social media and to new ways of interacting between patients and clinicians, and among patients themselves.

The aim of this conference is to bring together patients, practitioners, academics and industry to reflect and discuss this new reality and set the scene to discover new ways of co-creating research and new practices across sectors. What does it mean to be a chronic patient in the 21st century? What role do healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry play in this new landscape of cyber communities? When and how should patient data be linked to other big data and used for research purposes?

The scientific community attending this conference is committed to promote innovative solutions that involve users of medicines throughout the entire life cycle of drug development, not only in the last stages. Patient empowerment can be improved by involving families and medicine users through innovative research methods. A key aspect of the conference is therefore to raise awareness about the importance of patient involvement.

Theme of the conference
The conference theme in 2019 is “patient’s perspective on medicine use” with the focus being research in patient-centered healthcare and treatment systems. We are especially interested in understanding the hurdles and hindrances that patients experience when using medicines. We are seeing a growing recognition in society for the need to include and listen to patients going through treatment.

A key aspect of this conference is raising awareness about the importance of involving patients, relatives and users of medicines in the research process as co-creators of knowledge, using innovative research methods that enhance patient empowerment. We aim at uniting experts, academics and patients organizations doing research and actively working with and for patients.​

The conference will open with a panel discussion on June 12. This event is open and free of charge. Read more.