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Working at the Department

Our staff is our greatest asset

We want to ensure the best setting for our staff by creating the best possible working conditions between all staff groups and a healthy working environment. We emphasise the importance of cooperation by regular meetings in active liaison and occupational health and safety committees.

The strength of Department of Pharmacy is the multidisciplinary composition of our staff. The combination of the individual research competences creates a vital and inspiring environment with the result of a research and teaching of the highest international level. The technical/administrative staff members play highly important roles in relation to research, education, communication and administration.

We believe that the right setting will attract highly qualified staff and keep research as well as teaching at high standards. In order to accomplish this we aim to offer:

  • competitive working conditions
  • competent /capable leadership
  • good social environment
  • good possibilities for competency development   

The students are our responsibility

We take our responsibility towards our students very seriously. Our goal is that our students at PharmaSchool achieve a strong and long lasting identity in pharmaceutical expertise. To maintain an attractive study environment we secure that:

  • the physical settings are up to date
  • the technology is cutting edge
  • our teaching is research-based
  • our teaching is didactically well-founded