Social and Clinical Pharmacy – University of Copenhagen

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Social and Clinical Pharmacy

The group’s research ultimately seeks to ensure the benefit of medicines for users, organizations, and society.

Our research can currently be seen along these three focus areas:

Pharmaceutical policy

Examples of projects:

  • Additive manufacturing of personalized medicine - its impact on the society
  • Identifying hurdles in access to medicines in low and middle income countries
  • Reregulation of the Swedish pharmacy sector
  • Direct to Healthcare Professional Communication of Risk Minimization Initiatives

Medicines use

Examples of projects:

  • Antibiotics use in Newly Independent States
  • Drug use for study purposes
  • Medicine use in elementary and high schools
  • Optimizing medicines use among socially vulnerable adolescents and young adults in Denmark

Clinical pharmacy

Examples of projects:

  • Improvement of communication at the pharmacy counter
  • Ethnic minorities and the pharmacy
  • Surveying patients in a pharmacy setting – strengths, weaknesses and feasibility
  • Treatment of nephrology patients for hypertension and hyperlipidemia