Physicochemical profiling of drug substances and drug delivery systems – University of Copenhagen

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Physicochemical profiling of drug substances and drug delivery systems


In drug discovery as well as early drug development, determination of physicochemical properties is key in order to guide candidate selection and define the optimal formulation design and drug delivery strategies.

We explore the use of capillary-based methods (50 to 100 µm id capillaries) for determination of pKa values, lipophilicity, distribution phenomena in micelles, microemulsions and liposomes, protein binding, interactions with pharmaceutical excipients and diffusion coefficients. The capillary-based techniques, affinity capillary electrophoresis and Taylor dispersion analysis, constitute interesting alternatives to traditional methods requiring only microgram quantities for analysis.

Another area of interest is electrochemistry at Interfaces-between-Immiscible-Electrolyte-Solutions (ITIES) which is applied to the study of drug interactions, distribution and adsorption in two-phase systems. In addition to the experimental approaches protein adsorption models taking into account charge regulation models have been established.