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30 March 2017

Fudan University finds inspiration at SUND

In December the Copenhagen Center of Regulatory Science (CORS) initiated a collaboration with Fudan University in China, which is in the process of establishing a centre inspired by CORS. On 27 March a delegation from Fudan visited SUND for the first time.

CORS welcomed the management and researchers from the highly profiled Shanghai-based university in order to share experiences gained at CORS since its formation in 2016. A team from SUND headed by Head of the Department of Pharmacy Flemming Madsen and Professor Sven Frøkjær from the same department has already visited China – and now they have hosted the Chinese at Panum.

Dean of Shanghai Medical School at Fudan University Y. Gui recognises the potential of the collaboration and was pleased that the visit, among other things, focussed on developing curriculum and courses for the future study programmes at Fudan University.   

According to plan, the two faculties will exchange both students and teachers. Initially, SUND offers to send teachers to Fudan, just as there will be an exchange of students between the two faculties.

During the visit the Chinese expressed enthusiasm about getting such a good basis for establishing a CORS-inspired centre in China.