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Jakob Plum Christensen

Jakob Plum Christensen

PhD Student

Oral drug delivery is the preferred way of administration, due to the convenience for the patient. In order to have an effective oral drug delivery strategy, it is necessary for a drug compound to dissolve in gastro-intestinal fluids and be available for absorption. However many drug compounds in development have poor water solubility. Hence, solubility-limited absorption is often one of the obstacles that have to be solved before a new drug product can reach the patients.

One way to address the solubility limited absorption is to use a supersaturating drug delivery system.

Supersaturation occurs when the free concentration of a compound exceeds the thermodynamic solubility in a given media. Hence, if the compound can be supersaturated at the site of absorption, the transport of compound over the intestinal wall will increase due to an increased concentration gradient according to classical Fickian diffusion. 

However, supersaturation is a thermodynamically unstable situation. This means that the system will precipitate over time in order to reach the thermodynamic solubility. To prolong the time of supersaturation, one can add precipitation inhibitors to the formulation.

My research develops new tools to screen the supersaturation propensity of drug compounds and the effect of precipitation inhibitors.


This project is part of the European Innovative Medicines Initiative project “Oral Biopharmaceutical Tools (OrBiTo)”.

The project is a collaboration of 12 pharmaceutical companies, 9 universities, 3 smaller companies and 2 public bodies. 

ID: 140602588