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Ulrik Hvid Mistarz

Ulrik Hvid Mistarz

PhD fellow

Ulrik Hvid Mistarz is currently a PhD fellow in University of Copenhagen, where he is working with development of advanced LC and MS analytical techniques for proteins and biopharmaceuticals. Ulrik has a strong drive for enabling potential life-changing treatments easily available to everyone, by development of new and innovative methods and procedures for protein production and analysis. Ulrik holds a B.Sc. in Pharmacy and a M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences both from University of Copenhagen, with a specialization in biopharmaceutical characterization by mass spectrometry. During his studies he obtained experience in innovative drug development and biopharmaceutical R&D from France, China, Singapore, England and the Danish biopharmaceutical industry.

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Current research

Analysis of the primary and higher-order structure of proteins by LC-MS/MS.
Development of mass spectrometric methods for rapid characterization of therapeutic peptides, proteins and proteins complexes (native mass spectrometry, ion mobility spectrometry, gas-phase HDX-MS).
Quantitative analysis of protein drugs for use in ADME studies and clinical trials.
Development of life-saving transmission blocking malaria vaccines for eradicating malaria.
Upstream and downstream processing of therapeutic proteins.


Biopharmaceuticals: Protein Production and Analysis
Philosophy of Science and Social Pharmacy
Drug Production
Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Substances

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